Chicken Kickin'

Chicken Kickin' 1.18.6

Fowl play on your mobile phone


  • Easy control system
  • Fun concept


  • Gets very repetitive
  • May crash with sound enabled

Not bad

If you've ever want to see how far you can kick a hen, Chicken Kickin' makes for a fun way to watch feathers fly without actually harming any real poultry.

Chicken Kickin' was released to promote the Fable II Xbox game, and charges you with the task of booting as many chickens as you can in a minute. You can's just kick wildly though and you'll need precision in order to get them into one of the targets (a barrel of beer, bee hive, kicking horse, boiling pot).

The controls in Chicken Kickin' couldn't be simpler. You just need to use the 4, 5, and 6 keys (or directional buttons) to aim to the left, center or right, respectively. Once you've got the hang of it, it actually becomes very easy to hit the targets. The trick is to do it with speed in order to build up your combos and hack up big points to top the high scores board.

One problem with Chicken Kickin' is that if you choose to enable the sound, it might slow down the game or even, as in my case, crash your phone completely. My advice is to leave the sound turned off and avoid this clucking problem.

The game doesn't have great lasting appeal, but Chicken Kickin' is good for a bit of mindless poultry butt-beating on the bus.

Chicken Kickin'


Chicken Kickin' 1.18.6

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